“Don't worry if your children never listen to you. Worry more that they are watching you” -- Barbara Bush

The Point at Pittsburgh Three Rivers

This site has been migrated from WordPress to a Static Site that is generated by GoHugo.io hosted on Google Firebase.

This makes me think of my first online presence. A Wildcat! BBS that connected using dial up to another WildCat BBS. We have seen so many advancements since my first BBS back in the 90s.

I was really impressed when I started to learn about Static Site Generators and the use of Markdown. I have been using Markdown for private journal and also notes for a long time. I had Markdown turned on with WordPress also.

Now, all of my content is written in MarkDown and Hugo generates a static site that I deploy to Google Firebase hosting.

Why I do what I do, I enjoyed this post and it really provides more information about me and what I do.

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