Using WordPress

Publish date: Aug 27, 2011
Tags: Wordpress

Well, let me start by saying that my background has always been in Microsoft technologies (VB, C#, ASP.NET SQL Server, etc). But, I have used others such as Java, Oracle, Sybase, PHP and MySQL; this has always been a strong point of my background that I can easily switch between environments.

A recent project at work pushed my hand to learn WordPress and like I usually do I jumped in full force. I wanted to take this time to provide my feedback on working with WordPress.I had to develop a custom plugin as well as learn to configure and add on to the WordPress site. Basically, I had to learn to to control it and manage the WordPress site once our consultants left. Our consults handled the design of the theme and offered a little development help. They offered more information on general WordPress functionality

I felt that developing a plugin for WordPress was very easy, working the the PHP code took a little be remember the syntax and find any changes from the last time I worked with PHP. But that didn’t take too long to. Understanding the “The Loop” was a major part of plugins as well as attaching to the correct events. Once I put a very basic plugin in place I made the plugin usable with a shortcode that was placed on a page. I then added a custom admin screen for managing the settings, which included importing data from a CSV file and working with data in custom tables. Once that was complete I had to modify the user profile screen to add a few custom fields that would interact with my custom tables, this took a little to understand but it came through and worked out great.

Configuring WordPress was a breeze, modifying settings and installing plugins (which there are a huge variety of) was simple. In my opinion WordPress is a great environment for blogging and building a site upon for just about anyone. I don’t have to be involved in editing pages and update pages. This can be handled by our business and marketing people, while my development team concentrates on development of products.

I will post more details on the development of the plugin and and using WordPress in future posts.