Scrum Master Rotation & Metric Collection

Publish date: Jan 28, 2015
Tags: Agile Scrum

Scrum Master Rotation

My team has implemented a Scrum Master rotation and just finished up the first 2 months of it. We had a retrospective dedicated just to this new process and had a lot of great feedback from it.

I found that it provided a whole different perspective on what we do and how we understand Scrum. But, I found that this also helped really protect the sprint with this rotation, we decided to make he rotation last 3 months and extended the current person another month. We also selected the next person that will take the duties of Scrum Master.

Metrics Collection

As part of this rotation we have started to break down our stories into tasks better, well actually to doing it. We haven�t been breaking them down to the task level. I am one that likes to keep the stories very small which could make it harder for tasks, but love the idea of having the tasks written and thought it. It provide much better understanding of the story and helps with commitments that are made.

When breaking down our stories we are not trying to estimate hours on the tasks and log hours against the tasks for daily tracking. This is now looked at during daily stand up meetings. The idea is that we can learn more about our points by looking at the actual hours that it takes to do the work. Also, it the metrics could be used to show resource gaps that we have.

Do you collect metrics other than story points during your sprints? Do you use them in your daily stand-ups? How do you break tasks down. I would love to hear from you how how your scrum works. Have you ever rotated the Scrum Master role?