Apple Watch My Thoughts

Publish date: Mar 20, 2016
Tags: Apple Apple Watch

My wife suggested that we pickup Apple Watches for ourselves. Originally we planned on waiting for the new Blaze by FitBit to be released. But, being the tech geek that I am, we thought let’s give it a try and if we don’t like it we can return it. It has been nearly a month now and I have to say I really like the Apple Watch a lot.

It is a very comfortable watch and doesn’t get in the way. The big Fitbit Surge and Microsoft Band 2 got in my way when I was typing. Apple Watch is much more comfortable and has a great band that adjusts to fit perfect. There are many selections of bands that you can choose from to fit your style as well.

The battery is one of the issues that I have heard about and was worried if it would last a full day for me. I have no problem charging it every night, I did that with the other devices that I wore already. I have had no problem with the battery lasting a full day with heavy usage. I use the texting (dictation feature a lot).

I have been downloading apps and trying them out to see what I felt was useful on the Apple Watch. I have said that there is not much use for apps on my wrist but I am incorrect and now find it very useful.

One app I use constantly is Day One, Day One is a private journal application that I use on my iPhone already, I have been using it for about one year now and really love the app. I was original not happy that Day One put an Apple Watch app out thinking it would NOT be useful. But, this is an app I use constantly throughout the day to record pieces of my life. Small bits of information about my day that I can reflect on and remind me of later. I will write a more thorough post about Day One in the future. But, I recommend using it and I am VERY anxious for them to release a web app so it will work on more than just Apple platforms. I have used the maps app a few times and find it very useful, I can lift my wrist and say “Hey Siri, how do I get to …” and it opens the map and prepares for navigation instructions. It doesn’t work very well with my car which is paired with my iPhone. If I have the opportunity I will switch to Waze on my phone which works wonderfully when paired with my car through Bluetooth.

I also use the workout app on the Apple Watch, I mainly walk. I try to walk a lot to move myself to a more healthy life style. I am a programmer by trade and sit a lot at a desk. When I walk I launch the app and select an open walk to record my walk. It records the walk (not GPs of my walk). I can earn badges as I work on my health goals. Currently there are only three goals available, 1) Calorie Burn; 2) Stand Up; 3) Activity. I would like to see this to be improved much more. My personal preference would be a tight integration with Fitbit which has a wonderful community and social challenges with other users. I found that reminders works wonderful also, I once again lift my wrist and say “Hey Siri, remind me to ….” and it creates a reminder for me and then alerts me about that reminder. This is a nice functional for a smart watch.

Apple Watch allows you to send your heart beat to someone else with an Apple Watch. I do this on occasion with my wife. It’s a fun little feature but I have noticed that it doesn’t work as well. Many times we don’t receive the messages that are sent using the heart beat or the drawing function.

The only other app I use on the Apple Watch often is LoseIt, I am a premium member and log all of my food intake. Trying to be mindful of what I eat and it has been helping with me loose weight. I am currently down 25 pounds!! The LoseIt Apple Watch app just shows you what calories you have available for the day. Easy way to check on how I have been doing.

I am glad we purchased Apple Watches and did NOT return them. We feel there is a lot more value in this device than in just a fitness tracker but having the apps that are available and I am sure there will be more coming. Not all apps will really be useful to have on your wrist though and it will be interesting to see what other innovative ideas people come up with. I am very hopeful that Apple will work more on their Workout app and introduce social challenges and add step goals to the device.