2016 - Year In Review

Publish date: Apr 10, 2016
Tags: Personal About

This year saw changes in my work life, I was contacted by a previous employer to come back as a principal engineer. The company and boss made this decision very easy, now that I am at a large international company some of my daily responsibilities have changed. But, all in all I am doing the same thing that I have been doing for that past 15+ years. I have been very involved with the social media communities and especially Pittsburgh based communities. I have been honored to be a Carnegie Science Center Insider and I have been writing posts on PghDad.me about the Science Center with special insider access.

I have been working with WordPress this year a lot and diving more into blogging which help me create this site and also 2 additional sites now. I have more regularly blogged at PghDad.me, which is a site that I use for parenting/family and Pittsburgh. I blog about many different ideas and thoughts with PghDad.me but everything revolves around family and/or Pittsburgh.

The purpose of this site, Rainaldi.org, which I plan to become more active with this year is my technical site. Which is extension of what I do professionally, as a principal engineer and a tech geek I use all kinds of technologies both personally and professional. This site is a place to write and share my feelings about what I am doing and learning. This year also saw the re-launch of our church´┐Żs web site at Stewart Avenue Lutheran, I have bee more involved with the church this year not only with the site but also with social media and Sunday School. By the grace of God I am here and blessed to have a wonderful family and life and I am honored to belong to such a wonderful church family as well.

A new site that will officially be launched January 1st 2013 is TalkWithDaddy.com, this is a project that my children and I are diving in to. Talk With Daddy is a web show that will revolve around talks and experiences with my children.

I wish each and everyone of you a happy and safe new year and look forward to a bright 2013.