Pittsburgh Blogger Facebook Group

Emily over at emilylevenson.com created a new Facebook group for Pittsburgh Bloggers, I joined the group right away. Those who do not know her, she also create Project: Food Budget which I have participate in for helping to manage my family’s food spending. I love the idea of a group for people who blog around Pittsburgh to communicate and get to know each other better. I am a new one to the blogging arena, I am not new to the web or Internet though.

Introducing the new Rainaldi.org

Well, as part of my cleanup and organization project with my domain names I decided to keep Rainaldi.org as my resume and technology blog. I will blog about things that I work with as well as new technologies. Having been in the computer industry professionally for over 15 years now, I have been involved in projects covering various aspects of technology throughout several industries. I have benefited from this depth by gaining a strong knowledge of solution design and business practices from some of the best people in the industry and expanding my knowledge set to handling many different situations.

Backup Buddy for Wordpress

Part of the project I am on involves moving the entire WordPress site from our internal data center to an Amazon EC2 zone. Backup Buddy was recommended by a consultant that we are working with and I tested it against a Go Daddy account first. Well, let’s same this is a fantastic plugin, I backed up the entire site (database and files) and moved the ZIP file as well as the importbuddy.

Using WordPress

Well, let me start by saying that my background has always been in Microsoft technologies (VB, C#, ASP.NET SQL Server, etc). But, I have used others such as Java, Oracle, Sybase, PHP and MySQL; this has always been a strong point of my background that I can easily switch between environments. A recent project at work pushed my hand to learn WordPress and like I usually do I jumped in full force.